Water Efficiency Audit - Community Rebate Program

WaterCare Water Efficiency Program

The program is a joint initiative between Yarra Valley Water and the Victorian Government aimed at reducing water bills by offering eligible customers a free water audit and repair or replacement of inefficient water fittings.

The aims of this program is to reduce water use and costs by providing eligible customers with a free water audit on their property. This may include repair or replacement of inefficient water fittings.

plumber at the doorAre you eligible?

Eligibility for the Water Efficiency Program includes:

  • You must live at the property
  • Be financially responsible for the payment of their water account
  • Have high water usage
  • Be unable to afford plumbing works.


How you may benefit

Depending on the result of the water audit, a licensed plumber may need to carry out some of the following work at your property:

  • Replace washers on leaking taps
  • Install a 3 star rated showerhead
  • Repair a leaking toilet cistern
  • Install flow control valves or aerators to reduce water flow
  • Replace a single flush cistern with a dual flush cistern
  • Make minor adjustments to the hot water service
  • Provide your client with water conservation products.

You will be asked for permission before any work is undertaken.

Register to see if you are eligible for this program

Call the Customer Support Team on 1800 637 316 to register.


If you are not eligible for this program

If you are not eligible for this program, but would like some advice on water saving in the home, please click here to get some information or call the Customer Support Team and they can provide assistance over the phone.