Water Babies

Water is the essence of life and our lifestyle.  We depend on it for our health and wellbeing.  It’s the lifeblood of our homes, our community, our schools, our industry and the environment we all live in.

Having a baby is an exciting and important time but it can also mean big changes for your household finances. 

More stories, more nappies & more baths doesn’t have to mean more on your bill.

Water Babies book

The Water Babies book was developed for young children and is all about how we use water. It is distributed free of charge to parents of young children living in the Yarra Valley Water region.

Reading together helps develops your child’s
skills in talking, listening, concentration and imagination.




Water Babies animation

See below for our Water Babies animation, which you and your children can watch together.
If English is not your preferred language, please see below for this video in our top 19 languages.