Understand your account

Understanding your water account

The first step to managing your water bill is to understand what you’re paying for.

Did you know your account is made up of different charges? Some are fixed (to maintain and improve pipes, for example) and some are variable depending on use (such as how much water you use). Some charges are from Yarra Valley Water and some we collect on behalf of other authorities such as Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water.


Breaking down your bill

Charges you’ll see on your bill throughout a one-year period are listed below.

Yarra Valley Water charges:

Other authorities’ charges:

For more information, watch our video that explains how to read your water bill.  If you’re a landlord or tenant, find out what payments you’re responsible for.

Making a difference to variable charges

Concerned that your water use is higher than expected? Common reasons include:

  • Hidden leaks
  • Seasonal usage
  • Automatic watering systems
  • More people in your house
  • Neighbours watering your garden
  • Incorrect meter reading.

For detailed information visit the Yarra Valley Water website.

If you have concerns about unexplained high water use, please phone us on 1300 307 977.