Supporting new families

Having a baby is an exciting and important time but it can also mean big changes for your household finances.

As well as the usual extra costs, bills may be higher from spending more time at home, having more baths, showers and doing more washing.

To make life a little bit easier during this time, we offer various support programs that can help manage your water and sewerage bills.

A helping hand with water bills. 

We understand that everyone’s lives can change according to circumstance, which can sometimes result in financial challenges.

We’re here to help!

Are you eligible for a concession?  Click here to find out more.

Turn big bills into little bills with SmoothPay. 

Swap big quarterly bills for smaller monthly or fortnightly payments that are spread out evenly over the year.  It’s fast, free to set up and makes managing your bills even easier.  

To register for SmoothPay

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