Responsibility of owner vs tenant

What payments are my responsibility?

Account payment responsibilities can vary. Click below to discover what parts of a water and sewerage bill you need to pay for, depending on your situation:


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Owner occupier

When you own and occupy a residential property you are responsible for all system and usage charges.

This includes:

  • Water supply and sewerage service maintenance
  • Anything on your side of the meter or up to the connection with Yarra Valley Water’s sewer branch (usually inside the property boundary).


If you own a separately metered rental property, you are responsible for paying:

The tenant is responsible for:


Does your residential rental property have a separate meter? You are responsible for paying:

  • Water usage charge
  • Sewage disposal charge.

This ‘user pays’ system gives you control over your account.

The property owner is responsible for:

  • Service charges, including maintenance of the water supply and sewerage service.

Moving house?

If you’re moving house, we need a minimum 48 hours notice so that we can read your meter and issue a final account. You can provide change of address details online by logging into your Yarra Valley Online Water account.

For more information, visit the Yarra Valley Water website or contact us on 1300 304 688.