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Your Hub to help clients manage water bills


Do you work in the busy community sector? WaterCare Hub was developed by Yarra Valley Water specifically for you - to save you time and help you support financially vulnerable clients. Join today, it’s free.




To help you best manage the impact of your clients water bills the WaterCare Hub will:

  • Group Yarra Valley Water’s support programs together, so you can instantly determine the best way to support your clients with their water bills.
  • Provide information and support across a range of languages.
  • Provide easy access to our Customer Support Team, because your clients may be our customers.
  • Give you confidence that what you’re recommending is based on the latest, most credible information from Yarra Valley Water and across the water industry.
  • Provide a forum for discussion across the community sector and with Yarra Valley Water.
  • Provide links to useful websites, programs and services that may benefit you and your clients.
  • Ensure you remain up to date with changes and updates within the water industry.
  • Facilitate discussion with experienced Yarra Valley Water staff via forums and feedback sessions.

Yarra Valley Water has a proud history of helping vulnerable customers and working in partnership with community support organisations. We are recognised across the industry for our best practice hardship program, the first established by a water utility in Australia.

We invite you to join WaterCare Hub today.